Founded in the 1940’s, NEIA is a corporate/resident member organization with the primary purpose of developing and promoting the welfare of the Northeast Industrial Area of Kansas City, Missouri, including its industries, residents real estate and merchants.

Success Stories
NEIA works closely with our local officials to advocate for key projects in our area. We have been instrumental in:

  • Developing a four-lane Chouteau Bridge
  • Creating the Northeast Security Alliance—providing additional security for the Northeast Industrial Area.
  • Securing additional traffic lights on Front Street
  • Expanding the Enterprise Zone to cover most of the Northeast Industrial Area thereby providing tax saving benefits for expanding firms and new companies relocating to the area.
  • Rebuilding the old Chestnut Street viaduct and ramp to Guinotte Street
  • Working closely with the Kansas City Industrial Council (KCIC), an organization that lobbies for funding of key projects in Kansas City’s industrial areas.